When Compromising Becomes the Norm….

Under the banner of secularism, some members of the Muslim community (both in the West and also in parts of the Muslim World) have been made to compromise irrefutable principles, rulings and teachings of Islam in order seek acceptance from Western society and appear “open-minded”. This inferiority complex not only exacerbates the social situation of the Muslims, but also reinforces the Orientalist narrative. It reaffirms the commonly held notion propagated through the media and by secular governments, that Islam is inferior to Western world-views and ways of life. Among the greatest challenges that stares in face of many Muslims, especially those raising children in these very strange times, is how to win the hearts and minds of our children and remain steadfast despite the demonisation incurred. Seeking knowledge with a view to implement, imbibing Islamic values and knowledge of one’s self are among the many ways in which the Islamic identity can be correct preserved and remain free of any impurities. 


Who taught you to hate yourself? Ummah we need to talk, boo boo.

As most of you are aware, regardless of where you are in the world, Christmas day has now approached. No Christmas is complete without all the trimmings, which usually entails a Christmas tree, lights, turkey, writing Christmas cards…oh and the family gathered round for that all important EastEnders episode. Alas! Despite this enticing imagery there’s always that Grinch in the gathering who manages to ruin the day for everybody.

Having said this, this is usually the scene for many Western non- Muslim families, with the imagery conveyed through mass advertisement and consumerism. And the fallout come Boxing Day when you realise the dire situation of your finances, unsurprisingly you still run to the sales faster than a Kenyan runner.

Jokes aside, one of the things I find very disconcerting is how Muslims take part in a holiday that is contrary to their tenets of their faith.  I mean really though, would you think for a second that the likes of Prime Minister David Cameron or many non-Muslims Brits would go out of their way to celebrate Eid al Adha or Eid ul Fitr…Hanukkah anybody? And don’t play dumb either, you know what answer would be!

This isn’t subjected to just Christmas either, I’m referring to other nationalist and non-Islamic holidays such as Halloween, Easter, New Year’s day, April Fools, All Souls day, Thanksgiving etc…

And no, this isn’t a diatribe against any particular person, group of people or religion. Don’t worry I’m not specifically calling anybody out. This is simply me pointing out the hypocrisy and compromising positions that seem to be prevalent within certain segments of the Ummah (Muslim Community) and trying to advance ideas as to why this is an issue and what can be done to alleviate us from this problem.


Who did teach us to hate ourselves? Why do we find ourselves on the defensive?

The questions I ask are something for many to reflect upon, but most especially those whom insist on taking a compromising stance with regard to their faith. Perhaps the root of why many Muslims seem go in this direction is due to the need to “feel accepted” and “blend in”…in a simpler way it seems that there is a sense of inferiority complex. Yes …that’s right…I went there!  One of the things that surprises me  is how in spite of knowing truth from falsehood having an awareness of the deen and the oppressive hypocritical practices operative in our “democratic society”, members of our ummah revel in a sense of inferiority complex in order to placate western liberals and secularists. That’s like knowing you have gold or a skill/talent of some sort (or something of high value) but in spite of possessing it you choose to conceal it and settle for something less. That’s well and truly the epitome of stupidity, perhaps even more so than the ill constructed defence mechanisms advanced to try and justify wrongdoing.

Under the banner of “secularisation” we see members of this ummah engaging in acts of moral degradation such as fornication, theft, espionage etc., neglecting the fard of propagating Islam and engaging in festivities that are the very antithesis of what Islam says. This is one of the many examples of the dangers incurred when people take westernisation as the basis for freedom. It doesn’t take a person with so-called “remarkable intelligence” to conclude through past and present observations that the taking of Westernisation and Democracy as a basis for freedom has led to the devastation of many nations and the disillusionment of many a people.

This personally saddens me as I genuinely have an affinity to the ummah and have done so for the past 11 years. But boo boo this hypocrisy has to stop, seriously.

The problem of Muslim inferiority complex is something that seems over the years to becoming more and more apparent, but this didn’t seem to be prevalent during the time of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) or in the generations after him. During that time Muslims didn’t have an inferiority complex – and neither did they have superiority complex as this wouldn’t fit with the teachings of humility and submission, which are one of the key characteristics of our faith. But rather, Muslims during this time were the people to be imitated as opposed to being the ones imitating others. Why? Because we were a people of izzah (honour), this is very much exemplified how when Islam had spread to the far lands and when there was a caliphate in place, even the non-Muslims used to emulate us in our mannerism, dress, moral and ethics and culture – for example, some used wear traditional Islamic clothing such as turbans to try and emulate us. I can even say from the perspective of an East African (Ugandan to be precise), the wearing of the Kanzu (khamis, thobe) in our culture originated from when the Arabs came and invited us to the religion of Islam.

Perhaps one of the main causes that had resulted in the current ummah being in the state that we’re in is not believing or actualising out trust in Allah (tawwakul) and not being proud of Islam, again this is something I find very disconcerting. My theory is that due to decades and centuries of being socially conditioned, mentally enslaved through colonialism and lazy in retaining out covenant with Allah this resulted in our honour being stripped away from us. As an ummah, particularly those living in the west, we have been socially conditioned to believe that the Western way is the only “right and only” way in which to succeed and sadly you’ve fallen for it.

The words of Umar ibn Khattab remain true to this day:

“We were the most humiliated people on earth and God gave us honour through Islam. If we ever seek honour through anything else, God will humiliate us again.”

You can’t seek tawfiq in anything else other than Islam, so given the words of Umar ibn Khattab, why do you try to seek honour and approval of a people who are the very antithesis of what Islam represents? Surely common sense would tell you this, right? Honour comes from doing that which is pleasing to Allah and enjoying in what he has permitted – even if it is at the expense of being subjected to stares or verbal and physical ridicule. But yet it seems that many Muslims don’t seem to have a backbone enough to say “I don’t care what you think or say about me, courage is being the way I am irrespective of what another has to say about me.” I think in order to alleviate ourselves from the humiliation as individuals, regardless of whether you come from non-practicing families or those who have reverted who come from a non-muslim background, I sincerely urge you to be staunch and steadfast in your convictions to Islam. Be strong! The price is high…but the end is near.

Don’t be a sycophant!