When Compromising Becomes the Norm….

Under the banner of secularism, some members of the Muslim community (both in the West and also in parts of the Muslim World) have been made to compromise irrefutable principles, rulings and teachings of Islam in order seek acceptance from Western society and appear “open-minded”. This inferiority complex not only exacerbates the social situation of the Muslims, but also reinforces the Orientalist narrative. It reaffirms the commonly held notion propagated through the media and by secular governments, that Islam is inferior to Western world-views and ways of life. Among the greatest challenges that stares in face of many Muslims, especially those raising children in these very strange times, is how to win the hearts and minds of our children and remain steadfast despite the demonisation incurred. Seeking knowledge with a view to implement, imbibing Islamic values and knowledge of one’s self are among the many ways in which the Islamic identity can be correct preserved and remain free of any impurities. 


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